CIRCUIT PRO Backpack Black

Swissdigital CIRCUIT PRO Backpack Black

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INTEGRATED USB CHARGING PORT: Equipped with a USB charging port, offering quick access to charge your electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, kindles and all other USB devices on the go while using them at the same time. A powerbank is not included. A special powerbank is not required. US Patent No.: US 10,574,071 B2, US 10,931,137 B2, US 10,931,138 B2 and US 11,601,009 B2. RFID DATA PROTECTION: Travel with peace of mind. With an integrated RFID protection compartment, helps to protect your sensitive personal data (such as credit cards, passports, and driver's licenses) from being accessed by scanners. Equipped with SDD Finder, which officially works with the Apple Find My network. If you ever lose sight of your belonging, you can easily and anytime locate it with the Apple Find My app. In addition a flashing light can be triggered and an acoustic alarm with up to 130 dB can be activated remotely to find the belongings or to warn others. US Patent No.: US 11,573,291 B1 and US 11,475,756 B1. TSA-FRIENDLY: The perfect backpack for air travel. With just a few simple moves, the backpack can be opened 180 degrees, allowing airport security personnel to quickly and easily inspect your carry-on without taking out the laptop or tablet. ADD-A-BAG SYSTEM: The intelligent Add-A-Bag system is not only a tremendous relief for your multi-luggage travel, but it is also extremely easy to handle. Simply connected your bag to the luggage with an integrated luggage strap, in a hands-free way.