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Honeywell Home Smarthome Outdoor Motionviewer

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The Outdoor MotionViewer is unique: totally wireless. Battery operated with night vision and infrared. It can keep watch around the clock for 2 years. It alerts you to unwanted motion and helps deter intruders - all while keeping your data safe with Honeywell Secure Wiselink Protocol. 1) Senses Motion, Sends Video - Take awareness outdoors with long-range detection up to 23 ft. and a 90o field of view, 2) Isn't alarmed by small animals like birds or pets up to 79 lbs, so you only get alerted to what matters, 3) Intruder Deterrence - If unwanted motion is detected, the Smart home Security system can play sounds to make your home appear occupied, 4) Weather Resistant Design - Heat or cold, rain or snow, it can handle almost any forecast, 5) Get 24 hr awareness with infrared lighting and night vision, 6) No-hassle installation, 7) When it senses motion, you get a 10-second color (B/W only at night) video clip of what's moving inside. View clips in the Honeywell Home app anytime, anywhere, 8) Streaming mode on user request for instant event validation.