Theft Deterrent Kiosk Stand

CTA Digital Theft Deterrent Kiosk Stand

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Theft Deterrent Kiosk Stand. Show off your sleekly modern 3rd Generation iPad while keeping it safe and secure with the Rotating Theft-Deterrent Kiosk Stand, a comfortable addition to any point of sale, showroom, or classroom. The ultra-secure theft deterrent design means your iPad is secured to the case with four screws that can only be opened by a proprietary tool, making it impervious to lock-pickers or thieves carrying traditional tools. When it comes to mounting, this kiosk stand comes with two distinct options: First is the swivel stand, which allows the entire kiosk 360 degrees of rotation for smooth point-of-sale transactions. The second, more secure option involves using the included mounting hardware to affix the entire metal platform directly to a surface. The sleek metal design matches the aesthetics of the iPad 12.9 perfectly while simultaneously protecting the device from damage and allowing full access to the available ports and headphone jacks. The Rotating Theft-Deterrent Kiosk Stand is compatible with iPad 12.9 Gen. 3