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Update your little one s nightstand with the Pinkfong Baby Shark Alarm Clock + Bluetooth Speaker. Featuring sleep, play and wake modes, this device sleep trains children and teaches them about rest and quiet hours in an interactive way! Set the desired sleep time and every night, Baby Shark Clock sleeps through the night so your child knows to stay in bed. Set an optional night light to help your little one fall asleep peacefully. Half an hour before the wake time, the clock will open its eyes, glow and start looking around. Teach your kid to play quietly until the light turns green! Set the desired wake time, and Baby Shark Clock will start glowing and singing the Baby Shark song. The green light will stay illuminated for one hour in case your little one sleeps in! With alarm sounds, nature sleep sounds, snooze function and night light, this device is the perfect addition to any child s room. Features a rechargeable battery and detachable 4 USB cable for portability and convenience. Suitable for children ages 2+ for night light/sleep sounds; 3+ for all functions.