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Never walk through the mud to gather rain data and empty a rain tube again. The self-emptying rain collector does the work for you! It has tipping cups inside that accurately measure rainfall and wirelessly sends your data to the digital display inside your home so that you no longer have to eye-ball a standard gauge out in your yard. Self-emptying rain collector cup.The Accurate wireless rain gauge delivers precise, reliable rainfall measurements directly from your backyard. Its easy-to-read LCD screen shows totals for today, yesterday and the past 7 days. Features a customizable rainfall alarm that alerts you when your preset rainfall total is reached, warning you of potential flood conditions. Do I need to water the lawn this week? How much rain did my flowers get last night? This rain gauge makes a great gift for the gardener or casual weather-watcher in your life. Limited one-year. Transmits data every 60 seconds, Measures Rainfall, Durable, weather-resistant construction, Wireless range up to 100 feet (30 meters).