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Logitech Swytch

Logitech Logitech Swytch

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With a single USB connection, Logitech Swytch links laptops to a meeting room?s AV equipment so people can meet, present, and stream over any service. BYOM (bring your own meeting) laptop link for rooms with or without a dedicated meeting room computer. Singlecable link to Windows laptops, MacBooks , and Chromebooks (requires USB 3.0 Type A or C port and DisplayLink drivers). Compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, and other software-based video conferencing room solutions. Automatically switches the room?s display and conference camera between a connected laptop and the meeting room computer so rooms stay ready for every meeting. Universal USB Type A + C connector with USB Power Delivery compatible with most laptops and prevents a drained battery from cutting conversations short. Supports video and content sharing resolutions all the way to 4K for broadcast-quality meetings, live streams, and virtual events. Cable management and magnetic dock for secure connections and a clean tabletop.