BL300 Cycling Fanny Pack
BL300 Cycling Fanny Pack

Royal Consumer BL300 Cycling Fanny Pack

Royal Consumer
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Royal introduces a unique line of bike Turn Signal Indicator Pack. The BL300 is a turning signal indicator design to be on your waist. As more individuals are biking the need for safety is a priority. This is one of those products that just makes sense. By utilizing a remote control mounted to the handlebar or on your wrist with the included hardware, you can easily warn cars and others of turns and stops. The 5 LED signals include: left, right, forward, stop and standby. 30 LED individual lights are emitting a bright clear signal. Runs on a builtin USB rechargeable battery .The waterproof compartment is perfect for storing personal gear items on the go. Stay Safe with Royal. Includes: Fanny Pack , Wireless LED Display Receiver(includes Lithium Battery installed), Wireless Remote (includes 2 CR2032 batteries installed), Remote Mounting Plate, USB Cable, Handle Bar Wire Tie Straps, Remote Wristband and Manual.