12" Macbook Kb Cover Clear

MacAlly 12" Macbook Kb Cover Clear

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Keep your Macbook protected from accidental spills and unwanted dust. This premium TPU will give your Macbook a personal touch and keeps your keyboard clean and dry. Features: Designed to provide full protection for your keyboard against water spills, dust and debris Flexible, washable and easy to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting Protect screen from scratches when laptop is closed Supports: New MacBook. Cleaning Instructions: Please remove the protective cover from the keyboard Clean on a flat surface with a mild detergent and water Rinse with water Let it dry completely Do NOT wrinkle Specificaton: Unit Dimension: 4" x 11" x 0.07" (HxWxL) Unit Weight: 0.06 lbs Benefits: Need Protection? Use this TPU Keyboard overlay to keep MacBook Keyboard Clean & Dust Free Avoid Smudes + Sticky Messes on your keycap. Keep your MacBook Pristine Keep your MacBook screen mark free smudge when close Precisely fits your MacBook.