2 x 2.5" SAS SATA HDD SSD 3.5

Icy Dock 2 x 2.5" SAS SATA HDD SSD 3.5

Icy Dock
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The ExpressCage MB742SP-B brings dense 2.5" SSD or HDD storage to the floppy 3.5" bay. With the rising popularity of SFF (Small-Form-Factor) systems due to space-savings and lower power usage, a convenient and protective data storage enclosure is necessary to maintain the critical data stored in the system. The ExpressTray MB742TP-B drive caddy supports tool-less drive installation, and it has been designed to hold your drives securely, with an enhanced tool-less drive gripping mechanism, stabilized drive insertion design, and a strengthened single-piece latch. The new metal chassis has all-around air ventilation to keep your drives running cool all day, even under heavy load.