20 CBMWD3816C  Raceway Couplers
20 CBMWD3816C  Raceway Couplers

Startech.com 20 CBMWD3816C Raceway Couplers

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Use these cable raceway couplers (20 pack) to join two StarTech.com CBMWD3816 raceways & extend length of raceway - Cable management accessories Raceway/wiring duct fitting midway straight connectorsSturdy warp-proof ABSUL approvedUL 94HB rated - Other Accessories: End Piece (CBMWD3816E)/Inside Elbow (CBMWD3816I)/Lateral Elbow (CBMWD3816L)/Outside Elbow (CBMWD3816O)/T Connector (CBMWD3816T); sold separately - 1.3" Product L1.49" Connector W 0.63" Connector HWhiteRoHS.