42U Rack Enclosure Server Cab.

Tripp Lite 42U Rack Enclosure Server Cab.

Tripp Lite
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The SRGROUND is a full length (42U) bus grounding bar made from heavy-gauge solid copper that attaches to Rack Enclosure Cabinets or Open Frame Racks to provide convenient ground contact for standard rackmount equipment. Every U space has a drilled and tapped hole to allow a ground wire "jumper" to be installed. The jumper then bridges to the individual pieces of equipment, allowing a direct path to ground rather than going through surrounding equipment. The SRGROUND can mount in a Tripp Lite enclosure in two ways, it can be screwed into the Rack Enclosures (hardware included) or it can be installed using the tool less mounting buttons in the Open Frame Racks. Package Includes SRGROUND Copper Bus Grounding Bar Mounting hardware Owner's Manual