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Antop Antenna Inc Antop At 400 Hdtv Antenna

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The AT-400 Passive Outdoor Big Boy is powerful enough to feed multiple TVs, providing a convenient Whole-House-Solution. Features a 65-mile signal range and Multi-directional reception to receive free local Over-the-Air digital TV signals, from networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and others. Supports HDTV, 1080P TV, 4K ULTRA HD and is compatible with digital converter boxes. The compact size, UV coating and weather resistant finish make the AT-400 perfect for easy exterior installation: wall, roof, balcony. Suitable for indoor set-up as well. Engineered with a patented design to match performance of traditional mechanical antennas. Cut the cord, watch FREE local TV with the AT-400 Big Boy Outdoor HDTV Antenna, a Whole-House-Solution from ANTOP!