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Instant collaboration anywhere: The EXPAND 30 Series incorporates portable wireless speakerphones for today s mobile workforce. The series enhances your collaborations, enabling clear alignment and constructive problem-solving among your team regardless of time, space andlocation.Supporting both personal and small to medium sized conferencing up to eight people, it is possible to set up a call at a moment's notice or use the device as part of a permanent conference room solution. Connect your device easily via a choice of Bluetooth or USB-C and start collaborating with your colleagues immediately. Enhanced voice pickup and superior speaker sound enables everyone on the call to engage with the same confidence and clarity as if being there in person. For relaxing between calls, enjoy impressive music performance with EPOS renowned sound quality.Crafted from premium materials, the EXPAND 30 Series is a crucial collaboration tool both for in and out of the office.The EXPAND SP 30 plus is a Bluetooth speakerphone, with USB-C cable incl. USB-C to USB-A adapter. Optimized for UC and certified for Skype for Business when USB dongle and USB-C is connected to PC or Mac. EPOS EXPAND SP 30 plus (1000224) replaces the Sennheiser SP 30 plus (508346).