Cooler Master NR200 White SFF
Cooler Master NR200 White SFF

Coolermaster Cooler Master NR200 White SFF

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The Cooler Master NR200P is a small form factor chassis that combines space-saving efficiency with cooling capabilities normally found on much larger ATX chassis. 280mm radiator support and 7 possible fan mounting provide a multitude of cooling options whether using water or air. The choice of tempered glass side panel or vented panel alongside the inclusion of a PCI Riser cable makes the NR200P one of the most flexible small form factor chassis out there. Vented Panel: The NR200 is flanked with five ventilated steel panels for unrestricted airflow. Unrestricted Cooling Potential: Holds up to 7 fans. 5 sides of open ventilation. Fits CPU coolers up to 155mm tall or up to 280mm long radiators. Full-size GPU Compatible: Triple slot GPUs are supported with a maximum length of 330mm and maximum width of 156mm. Vertical mounting is optional. 360 Degree Accessibility: Every panel and frame part can be dismantled to allow advanced disassembly and 360 degrees of access to work on components. High-quality Materials: Thick, powder coated SGCC steel lasts the lifetime of the chassis and resists marring from transport or handling. Custom Cooling Support: Two liquid cooling pump locations alongside side and bottom radiator mounting locations allow for powerful, custom water-cooled builds inside a compact enclosure. Easy, Tool-free access: All external panels, including the tempered glass and top-mounted fans, are secured with pins for easy removal, facilitating quick access to the internals without the use of tools.