Dual 2.5" Ssd Hdd Bracket

Icy Dock Dual 2.5" Ssd Hdd Bracket

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ICY DOCK EZ-Fit Lite MB290SP-B 2 x 2.5" to 3.5" Drive Bay SATA/IDE SSD/HDD Mounting Kit / Bracket / Adapter. The EZ-Fit Lite MB290SP-B is a great choice if you?re looking to install 1 or 2 SSDs/2.5" HDDs into a single 3.5" bay. If youre looking for storage density, compatibility, flexibility, and durability without the hassle of a complicated installation, go with the EZ-Fit Lite MB290SP-B. Its never been easier to effortlessly install 2.5" drives in a system. We, IcyDock, put a lot of thought into the design to fulfill the needs of our customers, whether theyre building Home Theater Systems (HTPC), Gaming PCs, or Mini-IPX systems. Our EZ-Fit Lite MB290SP-B certainly doesnt disappoint.