MB NR600P EATX MidTower

Coolermaster MB NR600P EATX MidTower

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The MasterBox NR600P case can be configured to a wide range of professions. The NR600P comes with SSIEEB support, a professionalgrade I/O panel, and unrivalled cooling capabilities. This makes the MasterBox NR600P the most functionally adaptive EATX case for creatives & professionals. Each feature reflects different occupations with different needs. Built and designed by purpose, the MasterBox NR600P is an elegant chassis for uncompromisingly powerful hardware. SSIEEB Compatible: Dual CPU motherboards are supported for highend, servergrade workstations. Dual Hot Swap Bays: Two 2.5? SSDs, 3.5? HDDs, or a combination of both are conveniently accessible from the front panel for interchangeable, onthefly data retrieval. SD Card Reader: A high speed, USB 3.0 SD Card Reader is integrated on the I/O panel for immediate access to files. Dual 140mm Intake Fans: Two preinstalled 140mm fans provide high volumes of fresh air to the system, while one preinstalled 120mm fan exhausts hot air. Fine Mesh: The Fine Mesh design on the front panel is proven to provide proficient airflow while filtering out dust for enhanced performance and hardware longevity.