myGEKOgear 1296p WiFi Dash Cam

Adesso Inc. myGEKOgear 1296p WiFi Dash Cam

Adesso Inc.
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The Orbit 530 is a high-performance dash cam with a 2 LCD screen has all the necessary functions to capture your drive. The 530 records at 1296P ensuring you to record crystal clear footage. It also records with wide angle lens of 150 to fully capture blind spots on the side and important small details, such as license plates. Night vision will deploy in low light situations guarantee that your records will be light up and clear. For a user-friendly experience, built-in WiFi to easily transfer your footage directly from your dash cam to your smartphone. Driver assist features such as Stop & Go, Driver Fatigue Warning, and Headlight Reminder are preinstalled to improve a better driving experience. With this package, you have 2 mounting options to choose from, a 3M sticky mount or a rubber mount to fit your vehicle needs. A 16GB micro SD card is included with the package, so once you have the Orbit 530, you ll be ready to hit the road and let your high-performance dash cam capture everything that may unfold on the road