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Crafted for bass chasers. Feel the full power of every dramatic moment, every climactic action scene, every beat. This Fidelio subwoofer gives you beautifully controlled bass, bringing effects alive and enriching quieter scenes and music. Prepare to be moved. Philips Fidelio FW1. Spine-tingling bass for movie and music. The Fidelio FW1 subwoofer brings spine-tingling bass to movies, shows, and music. A down-firing woofer and advanced dual passive-radiator design ensure rich, perfectly timed low frequencies fill any room. You'll add a whole new dimension to everything you watch or listen to. Head-turning looks. This head-turning FW1 subwoofer beautifully matches the Fidelio FB1 soundbar. The bevel is trimmed in anthracite Muir head leather, while the top surface is in brushed metal. The visible elements of the twin passive radiators are detailed with metallic material, which softly catches the light. Philips Wireless Home System powered by DTS Play-Fi. The Play-Fi-compatible FW1 subwoofer lets you build your perfect home theater sound. Connect to a Fidelio soundbar to deepen the impact of movies and music with perfectly controlled bass free from distortion, even at high volume. Add paired wireless speakers and create a true surround-sound setup. Intelligent bass. Immerse more. Hear more. Good things happen when this Fidelio FW1 subwoofer pairs with a Philips soundbar, speakers, or TV. The sub recognizes what it's paired with and automatically takes control of the lowest frequencies, freeing paired components to concentrate on mids and highs. The result: even more richness and detail. RCA connection. Connect to multi-channel amps and more Connect this FW1 subwoofer to your existing home cinema setup, or to select non-Play-Fi-compatible TVs, via the RCA port.