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Portable Lithium-Ion Battery Charges Your Mobile Devices at Home, on the Road Anywhere!Small and lightweight, this high-capacity power bank dishes out 5000mAh of battery capacity for charging two mobile devices at the same time, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, AirPods and handheld gaming devices. Lithium-ion lasts longer than lead-acid batteries, charges faster and saves you money in the end. Status LEDs let you know how much battery capacity is left.Plugs Into an AC Outlet to Charge Itself and Your Mobile Devices at the Same TimeThe UPBW-05K0-1A1C is a portable power bank you can take with you to charge your devices at work, on the train, at a convention or at the airport. But it also features a NEMA 1-15P plug that connects to any standard power outlet. Plugging the power bank into an AC outlet turns it into an efficient wall charger that not only charges its own battery to full capacity, but charges up to two connected mobile devices as well.2 USB Ports Allow You to Keep Your Phone and Other Essential Devices Ready for UseA USB-A port and a USB-C port provide a total of 5V 2.4A (when connected to an AC outlet) or 5V 3A (DC power) to charge your devices, including Android, Apple and Windows.Protects Your Expensive Devices During ChargingComprehensive safety features ensure worry-free charging of mobile devices. The power bank provides short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge and over-discharge protection.Compact Housing Packs in a Pocket for On-the-Go ChargingAn ideal power solution when you're on the road or stuck somewhere without convenient electricity, the portable battery charger fits comfortably in your purse, pocket or backpack to keep your phone, tablet, Kindle, AirPods or other mobile device operating when you need it. The NEMA 1-15P plug folds into the unit when not in use to shield it from damage and prevent it from snagging or scratching your bags contents.