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Taking notes while face to face with a client, patient, or colleague is a sign of attentiveness no one wonders if you're catching up on email or messaging about dinner plans. This product elegantly delivers the traditional benefits of pen and paper along with the augmented value of an instant backup, easily shareable content, and handwriting transcription to turn notes into searchable copy. Captured notes flow to your mobile device via the free Livescribe+ app whenever the pen and the device are paired. The pen is also designed to store information for times when pairing with your mobile device isn?t available. Included with the Professional Edition bundle is an all-black Aegir smartpen, A5 sized executive Livescribe Lined Journal, quick-start sheet to help you get started, ADNA personalization stickers, additional ink refill to keep you going on and on, and USB charging cable. Experience the benefits of Anoto's ADNA technology with the included stickers. Personalize stickers using the free ADNA Discovery app and apply them on any surface to make them interactive and share contents.