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Nyko Rechargeable battery w cable

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Play and recharge your Xbox Series X and Xbox One wireless controller battery pack simultaneously with Nyko's innovative Power Kit.The Power Kit includes a high quality 1100 NiMH mAh rechargeable battery pack compatible with both Xbox Series X and Xbox One Controllers, 2 replacement battery covers, and an extra-long 10-foot USB Type C charging cable.The 2 clearly labeled replacement battery covers for Xbox Series X and Xbox One to accommodate the battery pack's unique design.The rechargeable battery pack provides up to 12 hours of play per charge while the extra-long cable plugs directly into the battery to allow simultaneous play and charging.The extended cord makes it easy to kick back at a comfortable distance from your TV without accidentally disconnecting the controller.The rechargeable battery pack can be charged with or without being attached to a controller.It also features a convenient LED charge indicator, so you know when you are charging without needing to check the dashboard.Never worry about running out of battery power for your controller during play again.