TUF Gaming3 AMD RX 5600 XT Top

ASUS TUF Gaming3 AMD RX 5600 XT Top

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ASUS TUF Gaming 3 AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT TOP Edition Gaming Graphics Card (PCIe 4.0, 6GB GDDR6, HDMI, DisplayPort, 1080p Gaming, Axial-tech Fan Design, 2.7-slot Design, Auto-Extreme) (TUF-3-RX5600XT-T6G-EVO-GAMING. Powered by AMD Radeon with PCI 4.0 performance, the ASUS TUF Gaming 3 RX5600XT T6G EVO Gaming Graphics Card is compatibility tested by our 144-hour validation program. Keep cool with triple axial-tech fans design with 0dB technology while experiencing every rich detail in high definition. TOP Edition: Boost Clock up to 1770 MHz (OC Mode) up to 1750 MHz (Gaming Mode). Axial-tech fan design design features a smaller fan hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring that increases download air pressure. 0dB Technology lets you enjoy light gaming in relative silence. 2.7-slot Design expands cooling surface area to make the most of the three powerful Axial-tech fans. Dual ball fan bearings can last up to twice as long as sleeve bearing designs. Auto-Extreme Technology uses automation to enhance reliability. TUF Compatibility Testing ensures TUF Gaming and TUF alliance products work together flawlessly. A reinforced frame prevents excessive torsion and lateral bending of the PCB.