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Brentwood Waffle Maker Black

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Whip up a hearty breakfast like a pro with the Brentwood TS-243 Black and Stainless Steel Waffle Maker. This basic kitchen appliance is a must-have not just for those who love waffles, but also for those who are always on the go. This nonstick waffle maker has 750 watts of power and can cook two waffles in about six to 10 minutes. Indicator lights let you know if it is on or off and shows a ready status so you know when it is time to pour the batter in. The Brentwood waffle maker does not require you to use kitchen mitts because its handle is cool to the touch. Its nonstick surface also makes it easy to remove the waffles after they are cooked, while keeping the cooking surface clean and ready for the next batch.