WiFi Rain Cloud Timer Black BB

Melnor WiFi Rain Cloud Timer Black BB

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Shipped in Brown Box, WiFi Rain Cloud Timer. Control the watering of up to four zones from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You can control or adjust your watering schedule from anywhere you have internet access, at home, at the office , or while on vacation. Connect the control unit inside your house to your wifi router and it will communicate with the valve unit on the outside of your house. It will control more than one valve unit if you need more than four zones. If rain is scheduled, you can input a manual rain delay right from your smart phone. Watering your lawn or garden can be easy- we have an app for that. Each zone can have its own independent schedule. Easily bypass the schedule at the spigot with the push of a button. Completely automate your watering with the Auqa Sentry Soil Moisture Sensor which monitors moisture content in the soil to prevent over watering. Black.