X3206 Philips Party Speaker

Phillips Audio TPV USA X3206 Philips Party Speaker

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Rock to the beat. Bring the party where you choose with this large, portable speaker. While you rock your guitar, play some tunes, or get on the mic -- colored lights and a strobe pulse on the speaker! A carry handle makes the speaker easy to move. Deep bass. Up to 14 hours play time. With powerful sound and big, pumping bass, this karaoke speaker can fill the room with beats. The built-in battery lets you rock the party outdoors for up to 14 hours play time on a single charge. Party light effects. Blaze to the music Get everyone up and dancing with party light effects! A ring of colored lights on the speaker pulses in time to the music, and there are four different lighting modes to choose from. However you love to party, this speaker has you covered. Mic and guitar inputs. Karaoke effects A mic input (6.3 mm) lets you take the party up a notch. There's also a guitar input, so you can take the lead vocals while you're shredding a solo! Both guitar and mic have their own volume controls on the speaker. You can change your voice, fade vocals, and add echo effects too. All your tunes. Bluetooth, audio-in, and more. Stream playlists via Bluetooth. Plug in other sources via audio-in or USB or plug the speaker into another speaker or amp using the line-out socket. Rotary knobs on the speaker let you select the source or even fine-tune the bass and treble. Ready for anything The built-in carry handle and battery means you can play wherever you like. Take the beats to a friend's house. Set up on the basketball court. You can skip tracks and turn the volume up directly from the speaker.