G3 Portable Gaming USB DAC AMP

Creative Labs G3 Portable Gaming USB DAC AMP

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Sound Blaster G3 is the first ever Sound Blaster portable USB DAC Amp designed and built for gaming consoles, namely the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.The portable gaming amp fashions a matte black finishing, supports headphone impedance up to 300 with sampling resolution of 24-bit / 96 kHz, and 5.1 / 7.1 Virtualization. With Sound Blaster G3, enjoy a driverless audio upgrade for an elevated and enhanced experience on both headphones and speakers. Powered by a USB-C cable, simply plug the device in for an instant audio upgrade on gaming consoles. G3 also works seamlessly on Windows PC and Mac.What's more, the portable gaming DAC amp is also the first Sound Blaster device to debut GameVoice Mix, our latest feature which offers Game and Voice Chat balance capability, as well as a custom-tuned Footsteps Enhancer mode and on-the-fly audio adjustments without having to exit a game or software.With Sound Blaster G3, your gaming sessions will forever be changed. DRIVERLESS USB-C PLUG-AND-PLAY WITH USB AUDIO Powered entirely via USB-C in a plug-and-play driverless format, the Sound Blaster G3 is a hassle-free instant audio upgradefor your gaming consoles (PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch), and well as PC and Mac computers. Featured with USB audio,simply connect the G3 to your gaming console via USB-C (or the provided USB-C-to-USB-A converter), and it will workstraight out of the box. There is absolutely no fiddling with extra settings or installation to get started IMPROVED COMMS WITH FRIENDS VIA GAMEVOICE MIX FEATURE Get the optimum gaming and voice chat audio levels with our GameVoice Mix! Chatting with your team while gaming?Instead of needing to fiddle for the perfect levels through Windows, just use our GameVoice Mix volume dial to easilyincrease your voice chat volume during a raid to hear your team better, or decrease the chatter and amp up your gaming audioduring a particularly climatic scene on your game all without having to leave your game screen CONVENIENT AND DIRECT AUDIO CONTROLS The independent volume and mic controls are located at the sides of the G3, and can be easily controlled with a single handgrip to conjure up the perfect balance for better gameplay. The mic control also functions as a mic-monitoring feature so youcan control how you want to be heard, while hearing yourself. When communications are unnecessary, simply mute your micdirectly via the switch on the G3 INSTANT AUDIO UPGRADE FOR PS4 AND NINTENDO SWITCH WITH HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER In this day and age, you deserve better audio quality, even on gaming consoles. The G3 delivers high-definition audio withcapabilities to drive studio-grade headphones of up to 300?. If all you ever knew is the default audio on your consoles, the G3is set to transform your audio experience CUSTOMIZABLE EQ WITH ON-THE-FLY AUDIO ADJUSTMENTS VIA MOBILE APP Identify your opponents footsteps and make swift, counteractive decisions on the battlefield with our Footsteps Enhancer EQmode. Customize it further and save it as a favorite, or use our Sound Blaster Command app available for iOS and Android tomanage audio settings on-the-fly without exiting your game or unplugging your G3! By pairing the G3 to your mobile phone,easily adjust volume and mic controls, or access your saved EQ easily