5 MP Fixed Focus Doc Scan

Adesso Inc. 5 MP Fixed Focus Doc Scan

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The Cybertrack 520 is a powerful document camera that is capable of using its fixedfocus feature to capture realtime images of 3D objects, magazines, books, documents, picturesand business cards and present them through a monitoror projector. Combined with our software that allows the user to control more features such as annotation, zoom in,zoom out, video format, image file format, Doc file format, shooting area, and even scanning of single pages or multiple pages. The Adesso Cybertrack 520 makes repetitive image capturing, demonstrations, tutorials and lectures comfortable and simple and makes classroom and office presentation experiences seamless. With the 5.0 MP CMOS Sensor and autofocus downfacing lens, the document camera is capable of capturing images, realtime images of 3D Objects, magazines, books, documents, pictures and business cards and present them through a monitor or projector. The unique downfacing lens makes repetitive image capturing,demonstrations, tutorials and lectures comfortable and simplewith its clear image . Record videos of just about anything, edit images and videos with the advanced editing tools, plus enjoy the convenience of sharing.