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Kanto Living Inc Adjustable Tabletop TV Mount

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When mounting your TV to the wall isn t an option, the TTS100 tabletop stand provides the next best solution. Designed to sit on top of an entertainment center, this mount and base combo serves as an improvement to the basic stand included with most TVs. Its height adjustable support column allows you to raise the center of your TV up to 25.6 inches, providing room for a sound bar or other AV equipment. It also offers up to 60 of swivel to improve lineofsight while seated at an angle. The TTS100 includes integrated cable management for a tidy setup and an optional safety tether for added security.Supports up to 88 pounds Designed for 37 to 65 TVs weighing up to 88 lb.Height Adjustable Raise the center of your TV up to 25.6 to provide space for a sound bar or other AV equipment.Swivel and Tilt Swivels up to 30 left or right and tilts 5 backwards to reduce glare.Cable Management Hide wires by routing them through the center of the support column.Safety Tether For further prevention against tipping, use the provided strap to secure the mount to the wall.