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Kanto Living Inc Tilting Dual Stud Mount

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The PT300 is a dualstud, tilting wall mount designed to support TVs up to 90 inches. Its pretensioned mounting brackets provide 12 of forward tilt, helping to reduce glare and improve lineofsight with your TV. Each bracket is equipped with a horizontal leveling screw to facilitate precision leveling, a Torx screw and locking feature to protect against theft, and a quickrelease cord for easy removal of your TV. Sitting 1.4 inches from the wall, the PT300 s wall plate is wide enough to accommodate both 16 and 24inch stud spacing, and comes with all the hardware you need for wood stud and concrete installation.12 Degrees of Forward Tilt Tilt your TV to reduce glare and improve lineofsight.Horizontal Leveling Screws Ensure your TV is perfectly level by adjusting two screws.Low Profile Design The PT300 s slim wall plate allows your TV to sit 1.4 from the wall.QuickRelease Cords Two quickrelease cords allow for easy removal of your TV.Everything You Need The PT300 Includes all the hardware needed for both wood stud and concrete installation.