FreshDaddy Vac Zipper Bag GL8p

Presto FreshDaddy Vac Zipper Bag GL8p

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Keep frequently used foods fresher longer with Presto FreshDaddy Vacuum Zipper Bags with Ports. These unique zipper bags feature an easy-to-use port that allows the bag to be quickly vacuum sealed and resealed time and time again for foods such as lunch meat and cheese. Durable multi-layer construction and specially designed channels provide fast, effective air removal that creates an airtight barrier around the food to lock in freshness. These food grade, gallon-size zipper bags are strong and puncture resistant, perfect for storing large quantities of snack mix, carrots, bagels, apple slices and more. Handy for non-food items too! Bags are PFAS and BPA free, washable, and reusable. Carton includes eight gallon-size zipper bags with ports. Compatible with most brands of vacuum sealers. For best performance, use with Presto FreshDaddy vacuum sealers.