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Alleviate restless nights and promote better sleep for children, parents, and even baby with the Slumber Breeze from Lasko. Sounds from neighbors, traffic, even TV in another room can disturb your sleep. With this tabletop fan and white noise machine, you can mask them out for a soothing and comfortable environment that promotes better sleep. The Slumber Breeze 2-in-1 Personal Fan and White Noise machine allows you to customize your personal space so you can focus and relax. Dial in the sound profile that's right for you from the 5 white noise frequency settings. The small, white fan has 2 speeds that allow you to select your perfect cooling level. Best of all, the fan and white noise machine function independently, so you can customize your comfort as the seasons change. For convenience, this fan fits perfectly on nightstands and small workspaces and features a USB port for device charging. It's an ideal addition to a home office or at-home learning area for optimal comfort and focus, as it drowns out distracting sounds or creates a cooling breeze. The optional oscillation also helps with spreading the airflow throughout your space. Comes fully assembled.