HPE DL20 Gen10+ E-2336 1P 32G

HPE ISS HPE DL20 Gen10+ E-2336 1P 32G

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***SmartChoice SKU**** HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen10 Plus E-2336 2.9GHz 6-core 1P 32GB-R 4SFF 500W RPS Server. This comes with the following options pre-installed: 2 x 416151-B21, 1 x 122657-00A, 1 x P45943-B21, 1 x P45940-B21, 1 x P45939-B21, 2 x 654961-B21, 1 x P45445-B21, 1 x P45938-B21, 1 x P45421-B21, 1 x 775890-B21, 1 x P31444-B21, 1 x 775612-B21, 2 x 865403-B21, P43020-B21,1 x P45253-B21, 1 x P45949-B21, 1 x P46115-B21, 2 x P41073-B21, 1 x P30180-B22, 1 x P54133-B21