HPE DL360 G10+ 4314 MR416i-a N

HPE ISS HPE DL360 G10+ 4314 MR416i-a N

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***Smart Choice SKU***HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Plus 4314 2.4GHz 16-core 1P 128GB-R MR416i-a NC 8SFF 800W PS Server. This comes with the following pre-installed options:1x P23874-B21,2x 416151-B21,1x 122657-00A,1x P25011-B21,1x P28956-B21,1x P30180-B21,1x 796265-B21,1x P41420-B21,1x P28958-B21,1x P28957-B21,6x 654961-B21,1x P25531-B21,1x 875236-B21,4x P06034-B21,28x 810392-B21,1x P10096-B21,1x P13770-B21,1x P17414-B21,1x P22465-B21,1x P22251-B21,1x P26428-B21,1x P26486-B21,1x P37864-B21,2x P38994-B21,2x P41073-B21,1x P35992-B21,1x P55582-B21,1x P64249-B21,1x P35877-B21