Adesso NuScan 2500TU Spill Res

Adesso Inc. Adesso NuScan 2500TU Spill Res

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The 2 D Scanning Engine allows you to easily and instantly read 2-dimensional barcode symbols such as the most common QR Code, PDF 417, and Data Matrix. It can also read a majority of 1D barcodes. This scanner is made with antimicrobial substances which keep away germs and viruses. The scanner's spill resistant design helps to prevent fluids from staying inside which would otherwise cause damage to the scanner. Equipped with a CMOS sensor the device has a motion tolerance of 24 inches per second, offering fast and accurate scanning results. The CCD sensor is able to scan barcodes up to 20 inches scan depth. With its drop protection design, the scanner is less likely to become damaged due to accidental drops.