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Kanto Living Inc Menu Board Ceiling Mount 2 TV

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Designed for commercial applications where wall space is limited, the MB Series telescoping ceiling mount system offers a flexible solution for displaying menu boards and other digital signage. Its modular rails allow two to four screens to be placed adjacent to one another in portrait or landscape orientation, while precision leveling screws ensure perfect alignment. Achieve proper line-of-sight with easy height adjustments and four discrete tilt settings. This all-in-one mounting solution includes everything you need for wood and concrete installations and can swing up to 90 to accommodate sloped ceilings and support beams. Modular Design - Available in three models, MB ceiling mounts support two to four screens weighing up to 66 pounds each. Their modular design allows for additional extrusions to be added to accommodate TVs with wider VESA patterns, or to connect multiple units together. EASY INSTALLATION - To reduce strain, the MB series uses lightweight ceiling plates that are installed independently of the rest of the mounting system. Simply slide each extension pole into place and secure it to complete the installation. The ceiling plates also provide up to 90 of swing to account for sloped ceilings and support beams, or to secure the mount to a wall. PRECISION LEVELING - Each mounting bracket allows for micro height adjustments to be made to ensure your TVs are level and perfectly aligned. ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - The telescoping extension pole allows you to position the center of the TV mounting plate between 24.3 and 39.3 from the ceiling. For tighter spaces, remove the inner pole to achieve a distance of 12.7" to 17". EASY TILT - Tilt the mounting brackets 5 , 10 or 15 forward to improve line-of-sight while maintaining alignment between your screens. To compensate for potential lean, the brackets can also be angled up to 6 backward. CABLE MANAGEMENT - The extension pole s hollow core provides an unobstructed path to route your cables, while an opening in the mounting plate allows them to continue through the ceiling for a truly professional setup.