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Creative Labs Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus Black

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Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus-Now with Dolby Digital Live and DTS Encoding for more surround sound delivery options! Be one of the proud OPs showing off their gaming rigs on r/battlestations! The Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus is a perfect convergence between aesthetics and performance that features a SABRE32 ultra-class hi-res PCI-e gaming sound card and DAC with customizable RGB LEDs on its body, and comes with an included RGB LED strip. It also features our award-winning Xamp discrete headphone amp that utilizes a bi-amplification technology, as well as our full suite of industry-leading audio processing technologies including Surround Virtualization. PCIe Gaming DAC with Discrete Headphone Bi-Amplifier - Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus is a SABRE class Hi-Resolution PCI-E DAC with Xamp, our brand new proprietary discrete headphone bi-amp that utilizes a custom dual-amp design for the ultimate listening experience for all forms of listening by powering each headphone channel separately ensuring the best possible accuracy and clarity. Capable of delivering up to 32bit 384kHz playback with an astonishing pristine 122dB SnR, ultra-low distortion and jitter elimination, the AE-5 Plus produces high-end premium grade sound that's meant to please not only gamers but even the audiophiles who possess some of the sharpest, keenest hearing with the most critical opinion of sound in the world. Hi-resolution gaming DAC - Plays up to 32Bit, 384kHz high resolution pristine audio with SABRE-class DAC with 122dB dynamic range that satisfies the most demanding needs of pro-gamers and pro-audio users. More resolution means more room for audio processing for compromise signal quality. Xamp, Our custom-designed discrete headphone bi-amplifier - A custom-designed, dual-amp headphone amplifier built using discrete components capable of driving studio class headphones of up to 600 ohms. Each audio channel is individually amplified to delivers pristine audio in an unaltered lossless mode to each earcup regardless of your demand. Ultra-low 1 ohm output impedance drives 16-600 ohms headphones perfectly. Aurora Reactive Lighting System - Turn your PC into a symphony of lights and sound with our Aurora Reactive Lighting System. TheAE-5 Plus comes with an included RGB LED strip to visually turn your PC into the ultimate gaming rig to match the awesome sound it's going to reproduce! With 16.8 million colors with fully customizable lighting patterns, the comprehensive lighting system is also expandable with additional LED strips and cross compatible across other products that are a part of the Aurora Reactive Lighting Ecosystem. Industry Leading Audio Processing - Updated, refined and perfected through years of being the clear leader in the sound processing field, the AE-5 Plus is featured packed with the latest and greatest version of our award winning audio processing effects and algorithms that improves your music, movie and gaming experience along with crystal clear vocal reproduction and in-game voice communication enhancements that are always imitated but never duplicated. The SoundCore 3D processor provide hardware-based audio processing and enhancements for ultimate enjoyment. Supports Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine processing, Dolby Digital Live, DTS Connect Encoding.